Given To The People is a study of the Pollok Free State. The Free State was initiated by the actions of local resident, Colin Macleod, who began a tree top protest against the building of the M77 motorway through public woodlands in Pollok, Glasgow, in the early 1990s. Over several years this grew into a series of camps across Pollok. It sought not only to block an unwanted motorway cutting through one of Europe's largest inner city public commons, land that had been gifted to the people of Glasgow, but also raised issues over the rights of local people to determine the use and development of public space. It was part of a bigger ‘No M77’ protest across Glasgow that included many groups, including Earth First!, Glasgow For People and Scottish Militant Labour, as well as attracting support internationally.

The study brings together interviews with a number of the participants and an archive of photographic material from the campaign.

The project was originally presented as a film documentary, made in 2008:

Article by Paul Routledge, an activist involved in the protests, analysing the practices and internal dynamics of some of the groups involved: